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Simple Tips for Aging/Distressing

by: Susan Rice
The element of age in rubber stamping projects adds dimension, zest and your own unique sparkle when you are looking for something new and distinctive. Aging (also known as distressing) your rubber stamping creations can be done simply and inexpensively with common household items. In this article you will learn how to use [...]

You Stamp My Background, I’ll Stamp Yours

Great backgrounds for rubber stamping projects can be created using a few basic techniques. It is simple to make rubber stamping backgrounds and create dramatic effects using supplies that are readily available without the need to buy any fancy equipment.
This is a great way to ensure the perfect backdrop for a rubber stamping project. Knowing [...]

26 Uses For Glossy Cardstock

I found this great article while I was looking up techniques and wanted to share it with you.
26 Uses For Glossy Cardstock
1. You can use it just like any other card stock for creating a card. Just be careful when stamping so it doesn’t smear. I like using glossy for just plain stamping once in [...]