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Scrapbooking Family Traditions

All of us have things that have become “tradition” in our family. It could be as simple as the routine that your children go through every night to get ready for bed, or as complex as getting the whole, extended family together for Thanksgiving dinner. Either way, these moments make your [...]

Scrapbooking Success on a Shoestring Budget

Scrapbooking has captured the hearts, imaginations, and it has to be said, the pocketbooks, of many artistic crafters. How often do we scan the sales flyers of well known craft stores? Our eyes light up when we see just the item which we want listed there. Yes! We are on our way, but alas how [...]

Getting started scrapbooking

Learning to scrapbooking is something that takes commitment, just like learning any art. If you think that it’s a craft you’d like to enjoy, there are a few basic tools, supplies, and skills you will need to get started. Creating albums takes time, but the projects are rewarding and the end result is a family [...]

Scrapbooking With Your Kids

In this fast-paced, electronic-based world, it’s difficult to find an activity to share with your children that doesn’t involve the television or the computer. Scrapbooking might help to bridge that gap of having fun but staying interested. The hobby helps stimulate conversation and keeps your kids away from technology. You and your kids can enjoy [...]

26 Uses For Glossy Cardstock

I found this great article while I was looking up techniques and wanted to share it with you.
26 Uses For Glossy Cardstock
1. You can use it just like any other card stock for creating a card. Just be careful when stamping so it doesn’t smear. I like using glossy for just plain stamping once in [...]

Stamping is good for you

This article was just shared with me by Marie Aviza. She ran across it and posted it on her blog: “”. I found it to be very meaningful for me and I was hoping it would be for some of you as well.
The Therapeutic Value of Scrapbooking
By: Kathy Johnson, COTA
I have been a [...]