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Finished cake

I think I have the finished product now.  It doesn’t look too fancy, but there’s just a little bit more pizazz than the plain cake.

I asked around for ideas and got tons of good ones.  I wish I had more cakes to top with all these great ideas!  In the end, I decided that I [...]

Cake with 3 layers finished

Okay, here’s where I’m at with the paper cake project.  I’ve finished all three layers of slices.  Here’s the top two layers done:

Here’s the whole thing assembled:

Now, the problem I’m having is whether or not to add a topper on the cake, and if I do, what should it be?
Please post any ideas you have [...]

A Cake in Progress

Well, here’s the latest updates to my current project.  This cake will be a centerpiece of my table setting.  The top layer has been assembled now, so all three layers are built.  I decided on how to decorate it also.  I’m going to use the new ribbon originals in the Holiday Mini Catalog and tie [...]

What I’m working on. . .

I thought that since there’s been a lack of new projects posted this week, that I should show you what I’ve been working on.
First up is a Christmas present.  My husband has 4 sisters and it gets harder every year to think of gifts for them.  I like to do handmade gifts because it’s easier [...]