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A little shout out

Today I want to take just a couple minutes and give a shout out to my sister-in-law. She’s a crafty type too and while she likes to stamp, she also likes to quilt and some other things. Well, this little shout it is to say “Congratulations!” because she made a 40+ inch long [...]

Loads of Love #3

I apologize for being gone all weekend, my grandfather had triple bypass on Friday morning. Thankfully he’s doing very well and will probably get to be home tonight. I did get to see my sister this weekend so that was nice – we spent a little time stamping and here is a card [...]

Loads of Love #2

All right, my second card in the Loads of Love Challenge. This time I used Boatloads of Love, but kept the same colors & same general layout as card #1.

Again, I stamped the background with the Sanded background stamp, but I’m not sure I like it. It seemed okay with the little truck, [...]

Loads of Love #1

I love this stamp set. It is one of the first ones I purchased and for some reason I always forget it’s there. Well, to combat that habit, I’ve decided to issue myself a challenge of using the Loads of Love set to make 10 different cards. I’m going to define the [...]