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Our Art Walk family night

The first Friday of every month, our community has an Art Walk. So when the weather is nice, people set up booths and sell their hand crafted items. There are also a number of art galleries around with many different local artists’ work on display.
There is usually something for the kids to do, [...]

Scrapbooking With Your Kids

In this fast-paced, electronic-based world, it’s difficult to find an activity to share with your children that doesn’t involve the television or the computer. Scrapbooking might help to bridge that gap of having fun but staying interested. The hobby helps stimulate conversation and keeps your kids away from technology. You and your kids can enjoy [...]

Hot Projects for Cool Kids

by Leslie Frederick, Jul 21, 2001
When you think about it, rubber stamping is the perfect kid’s project. You get to work with lots of colors, you can make a mess and if you goof, you can start over, because you still have the design. Maybe that is why so many adults love this hobby!
To start [...]

10 Rubber Stamping Ideas for Children

Written by Kate Pullen,
Rubber stamping is a great way to introduce youngsters to a craft activity. Here are ten ideas to get children started with rubber stamping. As well as enjoying themselves, stamping also introduces some important skills.
Rubber Stamping Gift Paper
Rubber stamping gift paper is an ideal project for children. This not only introduces [...]