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A quick & easy ornament

Here’s a quick little Christmas ornament you could do with your kids or grandkids while they’re visiting.

It’s super easy because it’s all folding – there’s no glue or mess involved.  It wasn’t my idea, so I’ll just link you to the tutorial.  I used strips of paper that start as 2 inches by 4 inches.  [...]

Minnie Christmas Ornament

Okay, finally, I have a chance to post something!  I’m actually proud of this one because it doesn’t use any stamping and started out as a clear glass Christmas ornament.

I took some black craft ink and squeezed it inside the ornament and rolled it around and around and around to coat the inside with ink.  [...]

Angels for Mallory

So, a couple of days ago, Mal left me a comment saying her sorority is going to be making angels for the University of Michigan Children’s Hospital, and asked if I had any ideas.  Well, this one’s for you, Mal! 

I thought quick and easy would be good.  So, I pulled down my punches [...]