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Happy Baby Boy!

This was a card I made for a family at church who recently had a baby boy.  They’re great people and it was fun to make their card.  I wanted to do something for everyone in the family, but especially for the new Big Brother.  I know how much the older kids get overlooked at [...]

Baby Gift & Card

I finally finished the invitations for the baby shower.  I didn’t have to make that many, but I was always running out of time.  But, anyway…since I’m fairly sure the mom-to-be doesn’t read my blog, I’m showing you the gift for the upcoming shower. 

I bought a baby blanket, folded & wrapped it to [...]

Pink Angel Sympathy Card

I have been holding off on sharing this card with you for almost two weeks. I have not yet felt comfortable posting this card, but I wanted to share it with you now. A little over two weeks ago, some friends of ours lost their 8 day old baby girl to a heart [...]