About Me

Hi, my name is Jen Clendineng and I am a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator. I’ve always been a craft person, but I was never really comfortable with anything until I discovered rubber stamping and scrapbooking.

I first started stamping after the birth of my first child 4 years ago – I made some hand-stamped thank you cards for her. I hadn’t been a mom for very long before I decided I wanted to make her a scrapbook. So, I began to scrap all her pictures. I was pretty good at keeping current until my second child was born. It took me a while to recover going from one to two kids, but soon I was back to scrapping.

After a while, I was invited to a Stampin’ Up! party (my very first) by a mom from our playgroup. And, I must admit, I was hooked from the beginning. From there, I booked & hosted my own stamping workshop (and earned lots of free goodies). Not even a month after that, I signed up to become a demonstrator!

It’s been two and a half years now and I am still hooked! I love Stampin’ Up!, I love their products and I love getting to meet and stamp with new people. It’s a great way for me to enjoy a little time away from my full time job as a mom of three.

* In March 2007, I was diagnosed with bipolar II following a bout of what I had thought was postpartum depression. When the antidepressants quit working and caused some unexpected side effects, I sought out advanced help. It turns out that the depression I was experiencing was part of my condition of bipolar II. Since then we’ve moved to a new state (closer to my family) and my husband has a new job that he enjoys. Now, thanks to my great family doctor who helped me find the right medication and a super therapist, I’m feeling good.

I hope that by sharing my story and my stamping, I can help remove the stigma of mood disorders and mental illness. My bipolar II does not define who I am, but it’s part of my life and part of me. Unfortunately there is no cure, it’s life-long management, which means I’ll still have good days and bad days. The things that help get me through the bad days are my faith, my family supporting me and my stamping to escape to. *

If you want to know more about bipolar II, you can visit my personal blog at FishbowlMama.com.

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