Distressed Dress

Hey there.  I’ve finally managed to squeeze in some time to post.  I don’t have any idea what happened this week, but it disappeared.

My oldest turned 5 this week.  She’s getting so grown up and independent, but all I really have to compare her to are her 3.5 and 1.5 year old brothers.

Anyway…here’s a card I made a couple weeks ago at the craft fair and just now got around to showing you.


I used Tim Holtz distress ink to age the paper (which is just some designs I printed from the computer).  Lots of tearing, folding, crumpling and I had it assembled, but it just wasn’t quite right.  So, my sister-in-law came up with the brilliant idea to stick a needle and thread on there.  Perfect!


I really like the final result.  It just goes to show you that crafting with a friend is always better than crafting alone!

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