Technique of the Week: Masking

You’ll need a stamp or stamps, one (or more) ink pads, good card stock, and scratch paper (I like to use sticky notes).


Ink up your stamp and stamp it on the good card stock.  Stamp it again on the scratch paper.  This is your mask, so it doesn’t need to be a nice clear image.


Cut out the image stamped on the sticky note and lay it over the image stamped on good card stock.  You’re masking (or protecting) the first image so it doesn’t get stamped over by the second image.


Now, stamp your second image.  You can continue making masks and stamping to create the effect you’re looking for.  Just remember that you’re working from the front to the back.  Whatever image you stamp and mask first will be the front most image when you remove all the masks.


Remove the mask to reveal your finished product.


Finish your card!


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